Typical Varese products

The launch of typical products of Varese , as treasures to restore and appreciate has involved in these years associations , farmers and restaurants. So  from a first step moved in the wine sector with the search and the obtainment of the brand IGT for the wines of the territory, and going on even other excellences of the territory that has been discovered and promoted.

Among the most supporter of this project we find the activity of one of our members of CavalliVarese, namely Borgo di Mustonate with first of all the relaunch of the brand Rossi d’Angera ( liqueurs), then with the use into the kitchen of the restaurant Tana d’Orso of the best territory products (violino di capra, formaggella of Luino, Angera wines), and finally the recently inauguration of a proper elegant Framer Shop, where you can find a large choice of Varese products from the asparagus of Cantello to Poretti beer, just as an example.


From the garden...

Cantello asparagus
Cantello is situated next to Switzerland, famous for its particular kind of white asparagus very tasting and hard even after cooking. The collection of the asparagus is at the end of March/May/June and on he second Sunday of may there is a festival to taste this particularly vegetable. The asparagus of Cantello can be used even raw.

Monate peaches
They are grown along the Monate lake rivers from the times of the Renaissance, and are collected and boxed immediately in tin cans, in syrup with a traditional method without preservatives.They can be white or yellow flesh.Try them with sweet wine and ice cream.

Uboldo potatoes
In the south of Varese, in the countryside of Saronno, are cultivated the famous potatoes of Uboldo, special for taste and ideal to prepare “gnocchi”.
In September all farmers meet themselves in the Potato Festival. Salty and tasty.

Salty & tasty...

Varese salame
It’s a sausage made to an ancient traditional recipe handed down from job of men known as “cerveleè”, and today protected by the Consortium of Varese salame. It has a middle grain paste produced using leg an shoulder meat of pork, mixed with fat in certain amounts seasoned for 5 weeks. In 2005 was made the Consortium of Varese salame and in 2010 they started the form to obtain the IGP.

"Violino di Capra"
It’s a kind of ham handcrafted product in Val Veddasca, using thighs of sheep or goats reared in the wild. The ham is salted , flavored with garlic washed with red wine and spiced with juniper berries. It must season almost 3-6 months. It has a rather intense and delicately spicy flavor. It’s easily digestible.

The taste of milk...

Gorgonzola DOP Varese
It’s a soft cows milk cheese. Varese Zola is produced with the milk of Varese.

Fresh Valcuvia caprini
The Valcuvia caprino is made of local fresh goat milk. Its in cylindrical form, without skin, it's tasty and delicate: can be eaten fresh or with oil and pepper or spiced with aromatic herbs. The valley goes from Nudo (1235 m.) and Campo dei Fiori (1226 m.), opening on Maggiore lake, hiding the jewel of Arcumeggia, village painted by artists of this era of Aligi Sassu, Remo Brindisi, Innocente Salvini to cite a few.

Luino cheese
A delight for the palate,made exclusively from raw full fat goat milk of particular breads such as the Alps one,the Saanen and Veddasca black, proposed by varesine mountain community.  Luino cheese ( Consortium for the maintainance of Luini cheese) is among the most famous: semi-hard cheese matured for around 20 days, has a sweet taste and a delicate aroma.Its eaten as antipasto or used with starters as risotto, accompanied with light wines such as Cabernet, Sauvignon or Moscato.

Cheers... To your health!

Varese wines
They first started in cultivating local wines, then in 2008 they cooperate creating a real association of wine producers: from Angera to Golasecca, via Travedona and Morazzone, up to Varese hills and Albizzate, small and medium sized wine producers started promoting their IGT wines made from Nebbiolo, Croatina, Merlot, Uva rara, Shiraz for red vines; Chardonnay, Trebbiano, Bussanello, Traminer and Sauvignon for white vines.

Grapa Rossi d'Angera
Historical company active from 1847 and already serving the Savoy King , the distillery Rossi d’Angera has recently launched a brand and products restyling process, pointing even on a Luxury line with refined liqueurs and new bottles created by the designer Giacomo Bersanetti.
From 1913 received special awardsfor the lines : Heritage, Luxury and Nature. Into the delicious Borgo di Mustonate (member of the Consortium VareseHorse), it is possible to have a unique experience as testing the liqueur on carriage until arriving to Barricaia del Puntale, place of welcome and home of the Italian Somelier of Varese Association.

The world of sweet...

Varese honey
Quality Consortium of Varese (www.mielevarese.it) honey protect 3 kinds of honey called “the Prealpi Gold”: wildflower honey, acacia, chestnut.
Wildflower honey - strong flavored and variable, depending on the production area, is extracted from the pollen of different flowers and herbs.
Acacia – transparent and lightly amber, very good matches with hard cheese and season fresh fruit.
Received the DOP in 2014.
Chestnut – very intense flavor, almost bitter, special with goat cheese.

Gavirate Brutti e Buoni
In 1878 the pastry chef Costantino Veniani created this little treasure consisting in egg white, almonds, nuts, sugar and vanilla. A delicious accompaniment to a glass of sparkling wine or a cup of coffee,that can be tested in the historical confectionery the rivers of Varese lake, and they are still wrapped in tissue like once, printed in blue.Or enjoy the version ice-cream, in winter with hot chocolate sauce, in summer with strawberries cream.

Gallarate Amaretti
Like even the Queen: are protected by De.C.O.brand and are part of our dry pastries.
They have a crispy outer part and an inside very soft and delicate. They are ideal with sweet wine.

Buosino Chocolate
Still crafted produced by Buosi pastry in Varese center and it’s in form of traditional chocolate, bar or cream, or in a cup with coffee, milk foam and chocolate chips.

Varese cake
The most famous is Zamberletti’s, but now it’s a symbol of the city and is produced by all pastry and bakery; it’s soft and contains nuts and fresh butter.